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Made From Murano Glass

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Yunik wristwatches are unusual, different and unique – just like their wearers. Made from Murano glass with the greatest respect for this enigmatic craft, these timepieces combine a high-quality quartz movement with an Italian design that was incredibly sought after in the 13th century and which is today undergoing a renaissance.

Each piece of Murano glass is unique, both in terms of color and design. Measuring 36 mm in diameter, the case with integrated dial is a masterpiece that called on the know-how of a renowned master glassmaker. Yunik sees its watches as timepieces that can convey their owner’s personality as well as – or even better than – words.
Beautiful and reliable, Yunik wristwatches are the perfect companions for any occasion: birthdays, engagements or get-togethers with friends. Each watch features a Swiss made quartz movement, Ronda 751 caliber which comes with a 7-year autonomy. The watch functions include hours and minutes.
The watch is made from a single piece of Murano glass including dial and case and measures 36 mm in diameter. The watch has a screw-down anti-allergenic steel case back, integrated lugs and is splash-resistant and Scratch-resistant. The watch is fitted with an Italian calfskin leather strap and a vegan version is available on request.
The new Yunik wristwatch is incomparable in its style. The case with integrated dial is handmade of noble genuine Venetian Murano glass. As beautiful as the wearer – each watch is unique and different. This watch is a reliable and functioning piece of jewellery and an accessory for Ladies and Gents. Yunik is a brand of the Groupe Achor SA, since 1974.

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