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Inspired by the concept of cryptocurrency, renowned independent Swiss watch brand Chronoswiss has joined forces with Tech Bureau Europe to create five luxurious crypto‐design watches. These extravagant models have been manufactured in a limited edition of only 101 pieces each. They are available exclusively via the cryptocurrency exchange platform Zaif.

Working closely with the Japanese company Tech Bureau, independent and family‐run Swiss watch brand Chronoswiss has created an exclusive series of crypto‐design watches based on the Flying Regulator Open Gear. These limited‐edition collector’s pieces boast a high‐end aesthetic. Chronoswiss is a renowned, long-established Swiss watch manufacturer steeped in tradition and famed for its high‐quality standards, its authenticity and its strongly held values.
The following crypto‐design watches are soon available for purchase, each in a limited edition of 101 pieces: Bitcoin – the currency, NEM – the harvest, Ethereum – the contract, Zaif – the exchange and COMSA – the token. These luxury timepieces have been manufactured according to highest Swiss watchmaking standards. Already seen as unrivaled in terms of aesthetics and quality, they are therefore a must for every crypto enthusiast.
Their distinguishing characteristics include regulator movement with off‐center hours and seconds’ displays, Skeletonized Open Gear technology that makes the regulator mechanism the central design element, innovative and technically integrated 3‐D dial, individually designed for each edition, logo of the respective crypto currency elaborately skeletonized in the small seconds and in the logo print on the dial, individual limitation number painted by hand, skeletonized, red gold‐plated rotor with Cryptocurrency logo which can be admired through the sapphire, solid stainless steel case with ultra‐hard and scratch‐resistant diamond‐like carbon coating (5.000 Vickers) and exclusively manufactured by hand in the Atelier Lucerne
Chronoswiss was founded during the quartz crisis and developed purely mechanical watches, ever since connecting tradition and vision. Therefore, it appears natural to be curious and open minded about the future. “Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology are a dazzling aspect of our future that Chronoswiss follows and supports. With its’ homage to crypto currencies, Chronoswiss links the roots of traditional watchmaking with the digital revolution of new world currencies,” observed Oliver Ebstein, CEO, Chronoswiss
The limited‐edition watches can be purchased by anyone registered on Zaif. The corresponding auctions will take place within specified time frames between April 13 to 27, with the watches listed in the same way as tokens. Customers must place their bids as buy orders. The 101 highest bids per model will give the respective bidders legal ownership of one crypto‐design watch. It is just as easy as buying cryptocurrency.

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