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In keeping with its time-honored concept of respecting its heritage and traditions while creating path-breaking innovations in design and styling, Saint Honore has come up with the SH Connect strap, by which wearers of the brand’s iconic and most classical watches can remain connected to their smartphones and access them right from their wrists.

With this latest cutting-edge innovation, SAINT HONORE continues to blaze an inventive trail in the horological world, making the community of fine watch lovers wake up and take notice of the novel capabilities contained in the SH Connect connected strap.
Now you can wear a refined traditional watch while remaining connected to your smartphone via a strap featuring a tactile OLED screen and a Bluetooth connection all at an affordable price. The strap comes with a discreet screen located just below the dial, the connected strap which seamlessly pairs with the user’s smartphone, enables the user to receive call and message notifications in real time, and also to locate the telephone or snap a quick photo.
The SH Connect strap is also a fitness companion extraordinaire, with various coaching features, and continual monitoring of various statistics: the number of steps, calories burned, inactivity and sleep. The SH Connect (iOS/Android) application makes it possible to synchronize this information.
Saint Honore shows its modern side by integrating new technologies into its traditional watches, and this discreet technology adapts to any timepiece. The new concept is being presented on three of the brand’s leading models: the Orsay quartz, the Lutécia quartz chronograph and the famous self-winding Tour Eiffel. The SH Connect strap can also adapt to other dials.
Since 1885, Saint Honore has been synonymous with the famous “Paris style” and has been manufacturing collections of unrivaled creations. Throughout the world, its elegant style and watchmaking expertise attracts lovers of contemporary design. Offering all the assurance of Swiss Made quality, its timepieces have a unique character and are crafted in the finest materials with eye-catching details.

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